2011 Federal Election Survey

NSRAP is strictly non-partisan. However there can be no doubt that many of the issues that affect LGBTQ Nova Scotians are still being determined by governments in power. With that in mind, we have developed a Candidates Survey which has been sent out to all candidates running for Parliament  in Nova Scotia. We will be posting the survey results as they become available. Meanwhile, feel free to download the survey and, if you like, put these questions to candidates in your riding, at all-candidates meetings, debates, or when they knock on your front door! View the survey here: Candidate Survey

Rather than grade the responses, we will post them here for your review so that you may judge for yourselves how the candidates reflect your position on this variety of issues.

Cape Breton – Canso
Derrick Kennedy (CON)
Glen Carabin (GRN)
Rodger Cuzner (LIB)
Marney Simmons (NDP) (cannot locate e-mail address)
Central Nova
Peter MacKay (CON)
Matthew Chisholm (GRN)
John Hamilton (LIB)
David Parker (NDP)
Cumberland – Colchester – Musquodoboit Harbour
Jim Hnatiuk (CHP)
Scott Armstrong (CON)
Jason Blanch (GRN)
Jim Burrows (LIB)
Wendy Robinson (NDP)
Dartmouth-Cole Harbour
Wanda Webber (CON)
Paul Shreenan (GRN)
Mike Savage (LIB)
Robert Chisholm (NDP)
George Nikoloau (CON)
Michael Dewar (GRN)
Stan Kutcher (LIB)
Tony Seed (ML)
MeganLeslieNDPHalifaxMegan Leslie (NDP)
Halifax West
Bruce Pretty (CON)
Thomas Trappenberg (GRN)
Geoff Regan (LIB)
Gregor Ash (NDP)
Kings – Hants
David Morse (CON)
Sheila Richardson (GRN)
Scott Brison (LIB)
Mark Rogers (NDP)
Sackville – Eastern Shore
Adam Mimnagh (CON)
John Percy (GRN)
Scott Hemming (LIB)
Peter Stoffer (NDP)
South Shore – St. Margaret’s
Gerald Keddy (CON)
Kris MacLellan (GRN)
Derek Wells (LIB)
Gordon Earle (NDP)
Sydney – Victoria
Cecil Clarke (CON)
Chris Milburn (GRN) (e-mail bounced back)
Mark Eyking (LIB)
Kathy MacLeod (NDP) (e-mail bounced back)
West Nova
Greg Kerr (CON)
Ross Johnson (GRN)
Robert Thibault (LIB)
George Barron (NDP) (cannot
locate e-mail address)


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