Pink Triangle Day

Pink Triangle Day falls on February 14th each year. It’s an annual day of pride and recognition of the challenges queer Canadians have overcome. Learn more about “Canada’s only annual gay holiday” via


OUT: Queer Looking, Queer Acting Book Launch
Friday, February 14th at 7 p.m. at Parentheses Gallery & Arts Project
The Khyber Centre for the Arts is excited to announce the launch of its book, OUT: Queer Looking, Queer Acting Revisited. The book is edited by noted curator and activist, Robin Metcalfe and includes essays by Metcalfe and several other well-known activists.  RSVP via Facebook.


Pink Triangle Day Talk
Tues. Feb. 12th, 7 pm at Spring Garden Road Memorial Public Library
Join the Nova Scotia Rainbow Action Project (NSRAP) for a talk on the history, present and future of February 14th – Pink Triangle Day. This talk is presented by longtime community activist, and authour of the original Pink Triangle Day proposal, Robin Metcalfe. Learn how the pink triangle came to be a symbol of ‘gay liberation’; the history of queer liberation in Canada; our hidden history and our future. For more information contact Find out more about Pink Triangle Day at

Pride88Button-page-001Pride History Lunchtime Talk
Fri Feb. 15th, Noon:
The day after Pink Triangle Day join the Nova Scotia Rainbow Action Project (NSRAP) for a guided talk about the Hfx.Pride88 History Exhibit. The talk will be given by exhibit designer and longtime GLBTQ community activist Chris Aucoin. For more information contact

Hfx.Pride88 History Exhibit
Feb 5-24th at Spring Garden Road Memorial Public Library
This past summer Halifax’s GLBTQ communities celebrated their 25th annual Pride Festival. The most public part of that festival, the annual Pride Parade, has become a very popular Halifax institution drawing tens of thousands. But the annual parade has it’s origins in a series of annual protest marches. This exhibit was commissioned by Halifax Pride to look back to the reasons for the 1988 protest march, and speaks to the considerable social and political changes re GLBTQ issues that have come about in just 25 years. For more information contact

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