Are you interested in becoming a volunteer with NSRAP? 


Our onboarding process is fairly flexible based on your capabilities/areas of interest. We ask that volunteers commit to supporting NSRAP for a minimum of 6 months. In general, volunteers are expected to attend 1 committee meeting per month and to support the activities of that specific committee. The exact time commitment varies from month to month depending on the committee and the community’s needs. We also appreciate that your individual capacity and time can fluctuate so we are responsive to your needs! 

There are numerous Committees which operate alongside the NSRAP Board of Directors. These include Law Reform & Advocacy, Health, Education, Anti-Oppression, Fundraising, Communications and Outreach, Events, and more. If you are interested in learning more about the committees before joining a committee, please let us know in your application form. 

Our current active committees are: 

  1. Law Reform and Advocacy Committee
  2. Health Committee
  3. Education Committee
  4. Anti-Oppression Committee

To apply to be a volunteer with NSRAP please fill out the Volunteer Application Form.

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