Halifax Pride timeOUT Lecture Series

Halifax Pride – timeOUT lecture series

Since 2005, NSRAP has partnered with Halifax Pride to present a series of free lunchtime lectures and discussions. This official Pride Week event is an opportunity to hear some dynamic speakers reflect on the legal, political, and social issues affecting our communities.


2015 timeOUT lectures:

All TimeOUT events are free and open to all. They will be held Monday, July 20 to Friday, July 24 at the Halifax Central Library in the Paul O’Regan Hall. Each lecture begins at 12 noon and ends at 1 p.m. (though there is often time for extended discussion afterwards). This space is accessible and attendees are asked to respect the no scents policy.

  • Monday – TimeOUT: Actively Inclusive – Making Space for LGTBQ Patients in Healthcare
    A panel of healthcare professionals discuss what they are doing to be more inclusive of LGBTQ folk in their healthcare practice. Co-sponsored by prideHealth. RSVP via Facebook.
  • Tuesday – TimeOUT: A Fabulous History of Drag – Part 1
    Historian and researcher Dr. Chris Frazer will share some preliminary observations and materials he has collected in his research on the history of drag in Nova Scotia. RSVP via Facebook.
  • Wednesday – TimeOUT: Two-Spirit Identity in the Atlantic Region
    What does it mean to be Two-Spirited in Atlantic Canada? Speakers from Wabanaki Two-Spirit Alliance will explore the unique challenges of aboriginal youth coming out, but also celebrate the strength and resiliences that come from learnings passed on by those who have already tread down that path. RSVP via Facebook.
  • Thursday – TimeOUT: Exploring the “B” … in LGBTQ
    A panel on bisexual* experience, both within LGBTQ communities, and larger society. Co-sponsored by the Bisexual Women Support Network and the Halifax Bi, Pan, and Multisexual Connection. RSVP via Facebook.
  • Friday – TimeOUT: The Case of the Anti-Gay Law School
    Lawyer and activist Kevin Kindred explores how queer activists lost the case against Trinity Western’s law school – and why that’s a good thing! RSVP via Facebook.


2011 timeOUT lectures:

All lectures are held at the Spring Garden Road Memorial Library.

  • Tuesday, July 19, noon: Making A Case For LGBT History
    Keeping track of our community’s history—how and why? Historian James Morrison and activists Dan MacKay and Lynn Murphy share their experience and advice, and explain why the past is relevant to the present and future. This panel is organized by NSRAP’s “Elderberries” group.RSVP via Facebook.
  • Wednesday, July 20, noon: HIV … A New Beginning
    On the 30th anniversary of the first cases of HIV/AIDS, activist Al McNutt shares his experiences and thought on the relationship between LGBT rights and the fight against HIV/AIDS. RSVP via Facebook.
  • Thursday, July 21, noon: Sex & The Good Book: What Does The Bible Say?
    The Bible influences our culture’s views on sex, sexuality, and gender, for Christians and non-Christians alike. Think you know the Bible’s positions? You may be surprised. Rev. Linda Yates will help us understand the debate about what the Bible really means. RSVP via Facebook.
  • Friday, July 22, noon: “Am I human, too?” Human Rights and Trans Rights
    Canadians look to human rights legislation to protect us from discrimination—and yet the law doesn’t even mention gender identity or gender expression. Lawyer and activist Kevin Kindred discusses what that means, and what we should be doing about it. RSVP via Facebook.

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