Pride 2013

NSRAP’s pride is political – we believe in making use of Pride celebrations to remind people of how far we’ve come but also how far we have to go towards equality for all. For Pride 2013, NSRAP plans to participate in a number of events:

  • July 23-26 – NSRAP presents the annual TimeOut lecture series during Halifax Pride
  • July 24 – NSRAP at the Wolfville Farmers’ Market Pride Night
  • July 26 – NSRAP’s Chair and Vice-Chair will present at the Halifax Dyke & Trans March Rally on trans health care.
  • July 27 – NSRAP marches in the Halifax Pride parade and has a booth at the Community Fair
  • August 10th – NSRAP marches in the Pride Cape Breton parade and has a booth at the Community Fair

2013 timeOUT Lectures

NSRAP and Halifax Pride partner to present timeOUT; an annual series of free lunchtime series of discussions and lectures.The lectures begin at noon and finish at 1 p.m. but there is usually time for some additional for discussion if needed. These events are hosted by the Halifax Public Libraries on the lower level of the Spring Garden Road Memorial Public Library (5381 Spring Garden Road). The space is physically accessible but does not have gender-inclusive washrooms. timeOUT-QueerHealthResearch

Tuesday, July 23: Queer Health Research – What is it and why does it matter?

A presentation on queer health research and its impact on health care and daily lives. Members of Queer Health Research NS will discuss the importance of evidence-based research with examples of local queer health research. RSVP via Facebook. timeOUT-QueerSpiritualPaths

Wednesday, July 24: Queer Spiritual Paths

Researchers Brenda Hattie and Brenda Beagan explore themes they have been discovering in interviews with LGBTQ folk: harm vs. solace and support; leaving faith traditions… and finding them; spiritual vs. religious; religion and cultural identity. RSVP via Facebook. timeOUT-TalkingTrans

Thursday, July 25: Talking Trans

Trans people, and their allies, struggle to find pronouns and other language that reflect gender’s shades of grey. Nolan Pike, Youth Project community educator, will talk about ze, they, hir, and other way of talking trans. RSVP via Facebook. timeOUT-LiesDamnedLiesAndActivism

Friday, July 26: Lies, Damned Lies… and Activism

How the enemies of equality distort the truth, and why we do too. Lawyer and activist Kevin Kindred examines the lies and myths used on both sides of the queer rights debate. RSVP via Facebook.

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